Challenge and engage your users with real eSports tournaments:

  • Easy and fast integration into game flows
  • Simple and accessible user wallets Free-to-play options for all users with no deposits necessary
  • User ID checks for age, address and name verification
  • Skills matching, to ensure users play against those who give them the best experience
  • Fraud prevention solutions
  • The full transaction settlement process with related cash management
  • Transaction related customer support
  • Offering cash tournaments worldwide

* This service is legal in most territories worldwide. Exceptions include Belgium, The Cayman Islands, Denmark, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, North Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tasmania and the Vatican City; the US states of Arizona, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Dakota, Vermont and Louisiana. Contact us for further advice and/or to receive our white paper, Skill Gaming in the United States.

Why Cashplay?

  • Increase revenue by earning money from each completed tournament
  • Increase player engagement and stickiness by turning your game into a multiplayer with one simple integration
  • Increase visibility by having your game displayed alongside other members of the Cashplay eSports network