Cashplay is easily integrated into game flows, allowing your users to compete in real eSports gaming tournaments

  • User wallets for easy deposits and withdrawals
  • User ID checks for age, address and name verification
  • Skills matching, to ensure users play against those who give them the best experience
  • Fraud protection solutions
  • The full transaction settlement process with related cash management
  • Transaction related customer support
  • Offering cash tournaments worldwide

* This service is legal in most territories worldwide. Exceptions include Belgium, The Cayman Islands, Denmark, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, North Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tasmania and the Vatican City; the US states of Arizona, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Dakota, Vermont and Louisiana. Contact us for further advice and/or to receive our white paper, Skill Gaming in the United States.

Cashplay Features

Cashplay offers developers a completely new way to generate additional revenue from their mobile and online games via offering player vs. player cash tournaments.

Cashplay also will increase stickiness as your games become more competitive and engaging, allowing your users to compete against friends or other gamers for free or for real cash.

Cashplay is the first globally-approved provider of mobile eSports gaming cash tournaments in mobile games on the App Store, and continues to be the only platform available worldwide for both Apple and Android devices.

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