Monthly Archives: November 2014

Skill Game of the Week: Step by Step (DMONGS)

step by step header

What are we talking about here?

Step by Step is all about speed. How quickly can you move your fingers? How fast can you react to avoid the gaping holes in the floor waiting to swallow you up? Move diagonally across the tiles to stay ahead of your looming pursuer and see for how long can you stay alive!

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Nitro Nation Drag Racing Thanksgiving tournaments live!

Drag Racing front screen

Stuffed yourself with enough turkey to put Christmas in danger? Well now it’s time to slip your racing gloves back on and put the Thanksgiving weekend to good use by winning some money!

We’re running two Nitro Nation Drag Racing tournaments with amazing prizes right now!

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New partner, new games- welcome, PLAVU!

TelerideWe are very excited to welcome our new partner, PLAVU, an independent game development studio from Poland!

Having been founded in 2013, PLAVU have already released a series of scifi-racing games on Android including Breaking Dead and TeleRide. TeleRide is the first title to be integrated with Cashplay’s real money tournaments, it is already available on Android and will be coming out on iOS before the end of the year. Continue reading

Skill Game of the Week: Zombie Tsunami (Mobigame)

zombie tsunami main page

What are we talking about here?

Zombie Tsunami is a hugely enjoyable endless runner that combines captivating gameplay with exceptional graphics and high-quality sounds. The game is based on the simple concept of guiding your zombie(s) as far as possible using tap-to-jump controls whilst collecting coins and adding to your flock.

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South Park sticks the knife into Freemium


South Park has never been shy to ruffle feathers, previously taking aim at controversial targets ranging from Scientology to Saddam Hussain. Now, they’ve set their sights on Freemium – the pricing model that has become a mainstay of the mobile gaming industry in recent years, allowing players to access games for nothing but buy progress or content via In App Purchases.

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