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Successful game developers share the best advice for making games they have ever received


Making games is no easy business and involves hours of planning, designing, coding and testing, with no guarantee of success at the end. How can you give yourself the best chance of of building a game that people will want to play and, ideally, will generate revenue? We asked some of our favourite game developers and designers to share the best advice for making games they ever received…

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Ten Questions For Carter Dotson (Freelance Video Game Journalist)

carter dotson

Carter Dotson is next up in our ‘Ten Questions’ interview series in which we speak to people from different sectors of the video games industry to get their take on the present and future of mobile gaming. Carter is a video game journalist and regularly covers mobile gaming. The Q&A is extremely detailed, with deep analyses of some of the major issues related to gaming, from the role of eSports in mobile to the future of video game journalism.  Continue reading

Ten Questions For Mithun Balraj – Indian Gaming Industry Expert

Mithun Balraj

Mithun Balraj is the founder of Indian gaming website The Game Scrawl as well as host of the Bangalore Video Game Meetup and Hangout. When he has a spare moment he also contributes to Pocket Gamer as one of their industry mavens. Mithun has an extensive and forensic knowledge of the Indian gaming industry. The following interview is packed with insights on topics ranging from the best Indian games to the importance of PR for local developers and the potential of eSports in India.   Continue reading

Why mobile eSports are part of the future

vainglory series

eSports have exploded into the mainstream in recent years with professional gamers competing for multimillion dollar prize pools at highly prestigious tournaments watched live by capacity crowds and streamed to millions on services such as Twitch. Last year, US sports channel ESPN even scheduled coverage of Dota 2’s ’The International’ tournament.

eSports are organised multiplayer video game competitions, often watched by non-participating spectators and still largely associated with console and PC games. But where do mobile games fit in?

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