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Five Reasons To Be At Insomnia55 This Weekend

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40,000 gamers are descending on Insomnia55 in Coventry this weekend. Here are five reasons not to miss out…

Meet the biggest names in gaming

Insmonia55 boasts a truly mouthwatering lineup with Youtube powerhouse The Yogscast Group a major highlight. After racking up over 20 million subscribers to their channels and billions of views, the 15-strong crew have heaps of unique gaming insights and will be on hand to share them over the weekend. And that’s not all! You can also catch up with groundbreaking online content creators such as Syndicate, The Diamond Minecart, Ali-A, The Sidemen and many more.

Bring your own computer (BYOC)

Plug your PC or console into the massive BYOC LAN halls to play with and against thousands of other gamers. This remains one of the most popular features of the Insomnia series of festivals and, for those with serious gaming chops, it can also be a nice little earner with up to £7,500 available in prize money across tournaments ranging from Counter Strike to League of Legends.

Learn how to make it as a professional gamer

If you want to level up and make gaming your livelihood as well as a hobby, you’re in the right place. Question and answer sessions with world famous professional gamers promise to be among the major highlights of Insomnia55 and should not be missed.

Discover thousands of great new (and old) games

The Indie Zone is the place to be for discovering some of the world’s most innovative new games from a bunch of up and coming indie developers. As well as playing the games, you can also chat with passionate game designers about their titles and get some great insight under the hood of the game creation process. For nostalgic types, the Retro Zone offers a trip down 8bit memory lane with a multitude of games supplied by Insomnia partner Retro GT.

Compete in mobile eSports competitions for real money

Did you know you can now win money playing mobile games? As the official Insomnia55 eSports partner, Cashplay are hosting a series of eSports tournaments on mobile titles each day throughout the festival with thousands of pounds in prizes. Come and check out the Cashplay stand to test your skills against the best mobile gamers in the business and see if you’ve got what it takes to win real money!

Key Info

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the UK’s premier gaming festival at which more than 40,000 avid gamers gather three times a year to compete in large scale eSports tournaments, hang out with fellow gamers and witness some of the biggest names in professional gaming strutting their stuff. The festival is organised by UK gaming events company Multiplay.

Where does the action take place?

Insomnia has been held at several locations throughout its 14 year history but has now settled into a more permanent home at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

When is the next event?

The latest installment of Insomnia takes place this coming weekend (August 28th – 31st 2015) so you’ll need to hurry to get your tickets!

Speaking of which…

Tickets for Insomnia can be purchased directly from the Insomnia website. They come in several categories, depending on your budget and preferences. Day Visitor tickets are a snip at £22 whereas hardcore gamers will likely prefer the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) tickets costing a cool £97.

Q&A With Adrian Crook (Adrian Crook & Associates)

adrian crook

Adrian Crook is an award wining game designer who has been involved in making games for over 20 years across a wide range of platforms, working with many high profile developers. Highly respected within the industry, Adrian was named Producer of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards in 2006. Big thanks to Adrian for taking the time to answer our questions on working in the gaming industry, the future of mobile game monetization and more.

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