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World Golf Tour gets a new owner, eSports is coming to primetime and ICE 2016 is more popular than ever

Topgolf-930x619Research firm expects US to lead the burgeoning eSports market, which should eclipse $1 bilion by 2019 eSports market to grow 43% to $463m in 2016 – Newzoo

Even as other non-game brands and product companies adapt to mobile, games revenue is still 4.43 times more than the rest of the App Stores categories combined Games still dominated the iOS app store in Q4 Continue reading

University eSports, great news for App Annie, Call of Duty and a little bit of gaymification

ulolAd dollars spent on TV by the video game sector increased 47 percent last year vs. 2014, according to research firm’s data Gamemakers spent nearly $630M on TV ads in 2015

Starting this weekend, the University League of Legends Campus Series will kick off–with 32 different schools from the U.S. and Canada League of Legends College Tournament Sees Teams Battling for $660,000 in Scholarship Money Continue reading

Join Cashplay at PGC in London

Pocket-Gamer-Connects-Header-790x300Going to Pocket Gamer Connects in London next week (Jan 18-19 2016)? Join us for a chat on mobile eSports and monetization and don’t forget to enter our special PGC tournament for all conference visitors!

To enter the tournament you will need to download our newest title Pocket Rally by Illusion Magic Studio and follow the simple registration instructions. No money deposits necessary! 

Cashplay will be running two separate tournaments for iOS and Android users on both the 18th and the 19th of January (4 tournaments in total).

We are giving away $250 for each tournament, the prize will be shared between the 3 top players. More info at PGC London!

Download the game now and start practicing!



Join our tournaments this week and win real cash!

Pocket Rally Free2Win – $50

Join our week long Unlimited Free-to-Win Pocket Rally Tournament running from now until 1:00 AM PST on Monday the 18th of January. Unlimited participations, unlimited entries and multiple winners, plus no deposits necessary!

Drag Racing – $25

TUESDAY Underground Race Tournament starts TODAY at 23:00 PST and ends tomorrow, the 13th of January at 23:00 PST.

WEDNESDAY Underground Race Tournament starts tomorrow at 23:00 PST and ends on the 14th of January at 23:00 PST.

THURSDAY Underground Race Tournament starts on the 14th of January at 23:00 PST and ends on Friday the 15th at 23:00 PST.

Drag Racing – $100

FRIDAY Tournament starts on the 15th of January at 23:00 PST and ends on Saturday the 16th at 23:00 PST.

SATURDAY Tournament starts on the 16th at 23:00 PST and ends on Sunday the 117th at 23:00 PST

SUNDAY Tournament starts on the 17th at 23:00 PST and ends on Monday, the 18th at 23:00 PST

Roof Jumping Simulator – $25

Jumping Frenzy Tournament starts on Friday the 15th at 23:00 PST and ends on Sunday the 17th at 23:00 PST

Touchdown Hero – $25

Pro Bowl Tournament starts on Friday the 15th at 23:00 PST and ends on Sunday the 17th at 23:00 PST

Visit or download the Cashplay app to get access to our games and follow Cashplay Games on Twitter to learn about exclusive tournaments only for our followers!

CES 2016, last year’s highlights and the hottest industry trends for the next 12 months

unmannedsystems_tileThe year is young and everyone in the industry is eager to make predictions and highlight the upcoming trends. Others look back to sum up 2015, which was an important year for mobile games, eSports and VR, among other things. Have a great weekend and enjoy our weekly gaming and tech industry news roundup! Continue reading