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Drag Racing now includes the option to compete for real money via Cashplay.

If you’re interested in racing for cash but not sure how to get started, here’s a walk through guide to show you the basics. If you have any further questions, our support team are very happy to help. Get in touch by emailing

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Game monetisation: Three criteria to test the quality of your game and monetization method

Game monetization: Three criteria to test the quality of your game and monetization method

In his latest post for the Gamasutra blog, CEO Jarrod Epps argues that developers should demand the same level of quality from their monetization method as they do from their game.

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Israeli games community brought together to find innovative solutions to mobile game monetization.

London, UK, 8th August 2013 –, the platform for integration of cash tournaments in mobile and online games, is hosting an event for the Israeli game development community to discuss the various methods of mobile game monetization and increasing user engagement.

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Skill gaming, gamers and gamblers

Recent research has found that gamers are more likely to call themselves gamblers than non-gamers. So, are gamers naturally more leant towards risk taking or are they just competitive? If the majority of gamers enjoy competing when there is cash at stake, perhaps the idea of integrated P2P betting in games would augment their gaming experience.

The psychologies between gaming and gambling certainly have crossover. Although, as Peter Gray in this Psychology Today article tells us, the idea that people can get hooked on video games in a similar way to gambling is misleading.

Skill Gaming
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