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iNTERGAMINGi: Social skills (Skill gaming-based game monetization)

Jarrod Epps, founder and CEO of, looks at skill gaming and why it’s win-win for gamers and developers

It’s the ultimate power-up for developers: a monetization method that not only allows them to make more money from their games but also make those titles more attractive to gamers.

Skill gaming is rapidly becoming one of the video gaming industry’s key discussion points, especially as big brands such as Virgin Gaming and Xbox cash in on console-gaming cash tournaments.

But what is skill gaming? Simply put, it’s a system that allows player-to-player games to include a cash prize, the winner of which is determined by game-playing ability rather than mere chance. Like an offline tennis tournament where the players pay an entry fee for the chance of winning the top prize, mobile-skill gaming allows two or more friends to play a game they love to play and win money based on the outcome.

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