Drag Racing now includes the option to compete for real money via Cashplay.

If you’re interested in racing for cash but not sure how to get started, here’s a walk through guide to show you the basics. If you have any further questions, our support team are very happy to help. Get in touch by emailing support@cashplay.co

Getting started

From the main menu – select ‘Race’


On the following screen, select the ‘RACE FOR CASH’ icon and then ‘RACE’ at the bottom of the ‘Win Real Cash’ box on the right hand side of the screen.


Make sure that you select ‘OK’ when prompted to allow Drag Racing to use your current location. Cash tournaments are legal in most territories but we need to know your location in order to confirm that you are playing from one of these legal territories.


If you are playing for cash for the first time, we provide you with a $3 bonus to get started (if you can win the bonus game). You do not need to enter your card details in order to start playing for money.

To play for the bonus, select the large ‘PLAY FOR FREE AND WIN $3’ button


Now do what you do best. Drive!


If you beat your opponent, you qualify for the $3 bonus, select the ‘COLLECT YOUR CASH’ button. If you do not beat your opponent, you can keep trying until you do.


To collect your cash, you need to create a Cashplay account (which you can use across all of our cash tournament-enabled games). Please use your real first and last names otherwise we will not be able to process your withdrawals.


Playing your first game

You’re now ready to play your first cash tournament.


You can use the $3 bonus to compete in a variety of tournament types except for those that are greyed out.  Scroll to the right to view play for fun and lower-value tournament options.


In this example, we have selected the $0.20 tournament type. This means that you pay an entry fee of $0.11 and, if you get a faster time than your opponent, you will win $0.20, including your initial entry fee.

Sometimes (and in this example) you will be matched against another opponent immediately. In cases where an opponent has not yet been found, you will be play the game and then a match will be found later and you will be informed of the result.


Tap ‘PLAY NOW’ to get started


When you have finished your race, there may be a few seconds’ wait while your score is verified.


You are notified of your score. If, as in this example, you have already been matched against an opponent you learn whether you won or lost. If no opponent has been matched against you yet, you will be informed when a match has been found.


Making a deposit

From any screen (for example the Tournament Selection screen shown below) navigate to the main menu by tapping on the head and shoulders icon in the top left corner of the screen.



From the main menu, select ‘Deposit’.



Select the amount that you would like to deposit to your account by tapping the appropriate button.



Now select the payment type that you would like to use to make your deposit. It’s possible to deposit to your Cashplay account via credit card/debit card or Paypal. At this stage in the process you can also choose to add a different payment method. The first payment method that you add will be your primary payment method. To change this, contact our support team on support@cashplay.co.



In this example, we’ve opted to pay with credit card/debit card. To complete your deposit, fill in the empty field with the necessary information (if you choose to pay via Paypal, you will be taken through to the Paypal website at this stage to complete your payment).



You have successfully made your first deposit. Now go and start winning some money!



Making a withdrawal

Please note that first time withdrawers have to upload identity documents to their Cashplay accounts to prove their identity. A walk through for this process will be added to this page soon
As with making a deposit, from any screen (for example the Tournament Selection screen shown below) navigate to the main menu by tapping on the head and shoulders icon in the top left corner of the screen.



From the main menu, select ‘Withdraw’.



Now you need to select your primary payment method in order to withdraw money from your Cashplay account (you can request to change your primary payment method by contacting our support team on support@cashplay.co).

In this example, we are making a withdrawal via Paypal. Enter the email address associated with your Paypal account and the amount that you want to withdraw (the minimum amount is $10 and a withdrawal fee is charged for each withdrawal). Then tap the ‘Withdraw’ button.




Please note that the email address associated with your Paypal account must be the same as the email address associated with your Cashplay account. To change the email address associated with your Cashplay account, please email support@cashplay.co

Don’t spend it all at once!