How it works

Cashplay is designed not to interrupt your existing game flows and to offer the most unobtrusive way to generate revenue for your game titles.

  • Once Cashplay is integrated, you users can choose to enter the multiplayer tournament mode or continue playing in the classic single-player.
  • Your users can choose to play for fun or for real cash.
  • Real cash tournaments do not require any deposits to enter or to win cash prizes
  • Our unique skill-matching engine ensures your players are fairly matched based on their skill level.


Cashplay is available for online and mobile games. We currently offer integration on iOS, Android and Unity.

Integration is completed via our SDK or API depending on your game type. Our experienced team is on hand to assist you with any potential integration hurdles. The complete integration process usually takes no longer than two days of development.

User Wallet

Cashplay offers your gamers a secure user wallet for easy deposits and withdrawals. Our accounts team offers full support on all transaction-related issues so you can focus on what you know best: creating a great gaming experience.

Cashplay has aligned itself with the leading online and mobile payment providers, allowing your user’s full flexibility on both funding and withdrawing from their wallet.



Cashplay is designed for skill-based games where there is little opportunity for cheating or manipulation. Skill-based cash tournaments are currently legal in over 200 territories, far more than any other platform in existence. This allows you to have a truly worldwide audience for the tournaments you are providing.

Please contact our team if you have any specific questions on this matter.


Cashplay provides all online and mobile game developers the opportunity to generate additional revenue from your games.

Game developers who integrate Cashplay are rewarded on a revenue share basis meaning they can earn up to 60% of the profit generated from every single completed cash tournament or challenge.

Our simple profit calculation does not involve subtraction of costs unrelated to the specific transactions your users make, and our revenue sharing scheme is the most generous in the industry.

Please refer to our SignUp page for a breakdown of revenue splits.



At Cashplay we are professionals at managing key issues such as client identification, location verification, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering procedures and transaction related customer support.

Cashplay provides your users with a secure skill gaming experience and allows you to focus on building engaging mobile games.

Analytics and Reporting

Cashplay offers all game partners a suite of user analytics and revenue reporting in order for you to track engagement levels and monthly game profitability.

By integrating Cashplay you will soon be able to identify new user trends based around multiplayer competitiveness and cash tournament stickiness.


Marketing Support and Monetization Tips

You are our partners not our customers! When you integrate with Cashplay you receive full PR and marketing support via our social media channels. In addition, you get a chance to attract more users through cross promotion with other game titles in our eSports network.

Our team will provide tips and advice on how to promote your game and engage new and existing users.