Gaming and Tech Industry News (November 23rd – 29th)

Nokia and Dreamworks are partnering on a game called Dragons Adventure.

Nokia and Dreamworks are partnering on Dragons Adventure.

It’s been an eventful week in the gaming and tech industry. From Samsung flexing their marketing muscles to dragons teaching kids to behave in cars, here’s our overview of the best stories from around the web.

The days of “are we nearly there yet?!” are about to become a distant memory. Nokia and Dreamworks have partnered to bring out a tablet game called Dragons Adventure, designed to train kids to sit still during car long car journeys. Genius!

Howzat? Ashes Cricket 2013 has been cancelled following poor user reviews.

No budget ‘freeze’ here, Samsung are to spend more that the GDP of Iceland (the country) on advertising and marketing.

This isn’t really news, but if there’s one article you need to read this week, it’s Gamasutra’s brilliant investigation into the realities of game monetization.

Taking over the world! Google have revealed that two thirds of Google Play’s revenue is from outside of the US.

Expect things to go a bit mental, Steam’s autumn sale is live

…meanwhile Nintendo is making some changes to its social network, Miiverse, in preparation for for upcoming 3DS support.

Japanese couch potatoes are rejoicing. With 26000 imported and local films and tv shows for streaming, Amazon Japan has launched its Instant Video Service.

Facebook wants people to spend even more time on Facebook and has been testing an ‘Instapaper-Like “Save for Later Reading” Feature’….

…and finally, next week the Game Monetization USA Summit is taking place in San Francisco where CEO Jarrod Epps will be talking about real money wagering in skill game tournaments.